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Aptitude Test

What is aptitude testing? If you check the dictionary meaning of aptitude test, Merriam dictionary says ‘A test designed to determine a person's ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge.’

In today’s world where skills are more important than the bookish knowledge, aptitude tests help us identify the child’s natural capability to excel in verbal, numerical and logical reasoning aspects. Most of the entrance exams in India or abroad are based on these three important sections that test the student’s ability to work with English language, numbers and analytical reasoning.

As technology brings the world together where trade between different states within India as well as trade between different countries is a common sight, the knowledge of the world’s most commonly used business communication language – English becomes even more important. Let’s say that superior knowledge of the language can help you connect with people from various walks of life who understand English, but perhaps may have a different dialect or accent associated with it. Business communication involves reading, writing and speaking. An aptitude test generally tests the first two parts, i.e. reading and writing, where a student is provided with various questions to understand if the student can interpret the question correctly and identify the answer. The tests usually have multiple choice question set, where four options would be given for every question.

Commerce is a part of everyone’s daily life. From picking up breakfast at a café, to hiring a taxi, to buying products in a market, we all experience commerce, i.e. buying and selling. It is imperative that students incorporate the basic understanding of numbers and mental maths (numerical calculations done without use of calculator) to allow them to be smart and not be cheated due to miscalculations. Numerical reasoning is an important part of aptitude test. Aptitude test centers (some people call aptitude test centre) lay emphasis that no calculators are allowed during the test. In fact, rough sheets of paper is provided to the student if he may choose to do rough work in solving problems. A strong grasp of basic number crunching helps one to be sharp and alert at all times when it comes to business development, account, finance or any other money matters.

The last section in most aptitude tests comprises of Logical Reasoning. This section tests the student’s ability to apply logic and interpret what’s next. Most of the questions of logical reasoning will be geared towards testing the student’s ability to analyze a situation and apply his/her own logic to decipher what should be the solution to the problem. In practical world, we come across all sorts of people who may have hidden agendas or motives, or smarter people who maybe terse in speech, but we need to understand them and interpret if working with them would be good or bad. Sound logical reasoning allows one to analyze quickly and decide without wasting a lot of time.

Some Aptitude test centres may provide with aptitude tests or rather entrance exams which have additional sections in the paper format. Such additional sections could be personal essay, general knowledge, current affairs, or a domain related questions. One needs to be very calm and composed at time of answering the aptitude tests. There is generally a time limit for each section of the test; the idea is to understand how quickly one answers the questions. Given enough time, almost everyone with average IQ would be able to answer the questions. The idea of time limit is to train the student to make quick decisions and be able to analyze situations without much hesitation.

EduGroomers career counselors advise students to prepare well for aptitude tests, especially for entrance exams after 12th, or entrance exams after bachelors degree for PG program, or perhaps the GRE/GMAT to pursue higher education abroad. Bear in mind that practice and understanding the concepts is very important. Cramming up information or rote learning will not be fruitful.

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